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How quickly will my order ship?

It is our goal to ship every order of handcrafted cards no later than 7 days of receipt of order.   However, Shipping times can vary depending on volume of orders coming in. 

Unless combined with handmade items, planners and accessories ship within 48 hours of order.  Handmade items included with pre-sale planner promotion ship separately.

New Releases or Seasonal Pre-Orders of Planners ship as soon as planners are received by our shop.  We know the excitement of waiting on a planner and we do not stop working until every order has been filled.  That's a Dara Lorraine Promise!

How often do you ship?

The postal service picks up daily from our shop with the exception of Friday and Sunday.

What if an item shows as out of stock?  
Stock numbers shown on website do not necessarily reflect what is in stock in our shop.  We are constantly building all items shown.  Currently we are selling our 6052 HOME line as fast we can make it...And...We are making daily. 

Ready to ship items are our variety themed boxes. aka - the lemon box, the flamingo box, the cactus box... We custom designed and produced rather limited quantities.  Once they're gone - they're gone!  Don't wait too long to pick up your favorite or you just might miss it.

What is the process on how orders are filled in your shop?

All orders are filled in the order in which they were received. All orders needing handmade items are lined up in a que.  We work to fill them in chronological order.  We play fair around here!

What about special requests?

We are happy to entertain custom requests in bulk.  The minimum order is 120 cards.