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The Hope Bracelet

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Whenever I discovered Hope Bracelets I went a bit shopping crazy.  I was so excited to find out that these amazing bracelets make such a difference. Bonus - you can stack on  whatever colors you like and make your own combinations every day.  Growing a collection of Hope Bracelets is so much fun.  I know this from experience. 

I enjoyed this so much I wanted to bring them to the Dara Lorraine brand.  I am a mom who uses her handcraft to earn an income to help my family.  The way I see it, These women are trying to do the very same thing I am.  If I can help them sell their beautiful handiwork - I'm all in.  Its just good business.  Women helping Women. 

The more research I did, I found out that the particular group of women I am working with in Nepal are super special. They gather in each others houses and hand crochet these bracelets, and teach one another this skill.  Why this is special to me is many of these women do not have the education to obtain a job in their current surroundings. It also keeps them off the street and away from human trafficking. 

Win Win Win.

If you know me - you know everything has a Story behind it.  Every card and every product we carry has a purpose.  This product holds a special place in my heart.  Basically The more we sell, the more we can support them! 

I Hope you have a great time building yourself a great collection!

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  • sherry on

    Do you make them in reds/burgundy/gold/silver?

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