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Our Brand Inspiration Story

Brand Inspiration Branding Hammer Brothers Inspiration Board InStyle Magazine Mood Board Neosho Mo

Flipping through an InStyle magazine 4+ years ago I pulled this Image  by William Klein  from the pages.  I hung it on a huge white board, right in the dead center.  I proceeded to draw a few products and also what I envisioned a business card to look like.  The rest of the images shown in the above board I would pin as I found them. 

I continually came back to black and white striped angles. 

William Klein Photograph - inspiration board Dara Lorraine William Klein Photograph - inspiration board

Dara Lorraine Branding - Card Branding - Business Card Branding rough  sketchDara Lorraine Branding - Card Branding - Business Card Branding

When it came to fonts I was inspired by The Hammer Brothers, who were unbelievably talented hand sign painters of the 1960's.  These guys were from Neosho, Missouri where I grew up.  They were friends of my grandfather who preferred black and white as well.  He would have them hand paint signs for the church and school and I was always amazed at the perfection of these hand painted fonts.  These guys were the true hipsters. 

Grandpas' love for black and white had to do with some color blindness.  He said that when Grandma was wearing black and white he knew what that looked like...

My love of black and white however is totally different... I have jokingly said we chose black and white branding because I do not wish to offend any of the other colors. I love them all - not equally, but almost. 

After several iterations this is where we ended up!  See the resemblance?  There is truly nothing new under the sun.  But around here there is a story and a meaning behind everything we do.  So if you ever wondered - why the angled stripes...now you know. 

These stripes represent the back flap of an envelope.

These stripes represent getting brave (think of military stripes and badges).

These stripes represent going down into a valley and climbing back up out of it.

These stripes represent us.

There is something classic about a black and white image.  While I love my cards to be bright and full of color and cheer, the branding will remain black and white as long as I am at the helm of our company. 
Leave me a note in the comments and tell me about your favorite inspirations or brands.  What are you drawn to?



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  • Lorna on

    The first really nice dress I bought with my own money when I was 15 (store bought), was black and white. That was unheard of back then! I knew what looked good on me! Aunt Naomi protested, so my cousin Pat bought one just like it! Of course, Mom and Dad were not happy. My aunt had taken us to Little Rock shopping. Fun memory

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