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Meet Lorraine

Meet Lorraine Branham. 

First and foremost this amazing woman is my mother. This post will be more personal than maybe some of our other team members because - hey she's my mamma!

(You may have already figured that out if you have shopped with us for very long.) 

Lorraine is an Artist.  She has been painting, drawing, + sketching since she was a tiny child. According to Grandmother, she drew with depth of field at 2 years of age.  

I remember as a girl being enamored by her watercolors.  I asked her once why she didn't put her artwork on cards - she told me she just did it for fun, (which - hey lets face it, it's why we do art, right?)

Lorraine is shy.  She would never promote her own art.  I just remember thinking as a tween that I could probably figure out a way to get her in the card market, and at long last it's happened.

Lorraine is a busy working woman like the rest of us...

  • Interior Designer
  • Music Minister's Wife
  • Choir Director
  • Daughter to Elderly parents
  • Monga (aka Grandma) to 5
  • Impeccable Seamstress
  • Perfectionist
  • Quality Control A+

Lorraine is probably the most consistent person I know.  She has written in her diary every day since she was 14 (this is not an exaggeration) and she does not go to bed without reading her Bible. She walks and exercises daily. Basically I want to be her when I grow up.  She's a solid force in this world.

Her Love Language is Acts of Service.    (When she comes to my house it feels like the Fairy God Mother has arrived!  Angel Choirs singing "Hallelujah" start going off in my head, The Laundry is done Mary Poppins snap your fingers fast.  Bippity Boppity And a Spoon Full of Sugar - Done! 

  • Favorite Color = GREEN
  • Hobby - Knitting
Yes She's Awesome - I have always shared her with many many college students who call her Mamma Lorraine, I will share her with you too.  You're Welcome!

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