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Meet Kaylee

Kaylee came over to just help me out in January while I was battling Pneumonia then Pleurisy.  Anyone willing to come and help you because they know you're under the weather and getting behind is worth their weight in gold.   Right away I knew this girl was a GEM and I didn't want to do business without her!

Kaylee  is self motivated, sets goals for what she personally wants to see accomplished here at work without any prompting from me.  She is the fastest card assembler I have ever seen.  She's down to business and is super efficient with her time.  This girl is my favorite 22 year old human being on the planet.  Also I think I'm safe in saying this  with my other girls because they aren't 22. 

Kaylee is graduating college in December - Yep Early, and she finished HS Early - go getter?! Yes!  She will be teaching 1st or 2nd grade soon - those lucky blessed little kids! I plan to keep Her around as long as I can.  We have so much fun at work together.  We jam to King George and when we are in our groove - we are an unstoppable machine. 

Beyond all of this Kaylee manages operations of the entire shop while I am away.  Having someone you can trust with your livelihood is just an unspeakable relief.  I appreciate Kaylee and this girl is going places.  She gets married this upcoming summer and I wish her every happiness!  I love you Kaylee Craig!

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