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Meet Carissa

Meet Carissa Boyd.

This girl is the salt of the earth. Look up Salt of the Earth in the dictionary and her and her husbands' faces are right there. It's amazing how Webster got this one right on!

She was one of my very first friends (who became family) to me when we moved to Texas 7 years ago.   She is so grounded.  She is Loyal.  She is Consistent.  She is AMAZING.

In the beginning of my business, Carissa came over just to help me out. She said "I want to come over and play!" Carissa became invaluable to me.  What no one knows is that she put together any fine detail cards for me.  I was suffering from some major anxiety at the time and my hands would tremble which made it very difficult for me to get things right. She would always take the hardest designs to put together and do them for me. 

Carissa has helped with Proof Reading the planner of 2017, and most recently helped me with a photo shoot for some of our new Realtor cards. 

I always run cards by Carissa that I am not sure about.  We both are drawn to opposite design aspects so she sees what I don't.  She truly helps balance out the designs in a box.  Her input and opinions are priceless to me. 

Carissa still comes over once a month or so.  We work and talk all day long - who needs a therapist when you have each other?  I'm so blessed to call this woman my dear dear friend. 

Here are some cool facts about this amazing creative sister:

  • Carissa is an Artist.  She has volunteered teaching art for years in a school system that didn't quite have the funds for it.    
  • One season of life, Her family did a year of no spending and saved for their adoption fund. Their Family of four became 5!
  • She is a Plexus Mom so if you need any of the goods - she's your girl! 
  • Minister's Wife



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