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Meet Awnna

staff update

Awnna Claire is my girl, my first born, {run a small island someday} Kid!  And that would make her Lorraine's Granddaughter.

Today is her 17th Birthday and I want to post in honor of her.  She has done her fair share of card making in the last three years.  She's ran inventory on the website,  Loaded products on the website, done some marketing on pinterest, this kid is amazing.

In the 7th Grade she blew us away with some amazing art pieces that became cards of their own.  They are out of stock now, but the Claire collection was the name of that boxed set.  It was all of her favorites, Audrey Hepburn, Rosemary Clooney, and Ella Fitzgerald.  She is a bit of an old soul and if she could marry Gene Kelly or some other crooner / dancer she would!

Clair Collection - Dara Lorraine Stationery - Audrey

  Awnna is one talented kid. She is the current Texas State Champion in costume design and won this last season as a Sophomore.  She is equal parts creativity, and leadership.  She is involved in her high school Theatre program and loves making people laugh - that's her favorite.  Her comedic timing catches me off guard a lot! 

Her passion tho, isn't in the art as much as it is in the people around her.  She Plans to go into the field of special needs.  Her goal is to become a life-skills teacher which requires a Masters Degree.  I have full confidence that she's totally up for this challenge.  

Currently She has been getting commissioned work for hand addressing envelopes for Brides, as well as a BFF who is also a local Realtor.   She hand writes and sends all of her cards for her as her 'card sending assistant.'

You can commission her as well.  We have added this service on our website and you can work with her along with Chloe who you will meet soon (who also has impeccable hand writing).  These girls can help you with your card addressing needs.

Well We are off to see Awnna perform tonight in the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  This kid keeps us hopping.  We hope that you have enjoyed meeting this incredible young woman we're proud to call our own. 

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