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Just Be You

The uniqueness that is you is refreshing.  Relax and just be who God created you to be.   When you step out in bravery to pursue what God has in front of you to do - guess what?  Your story isn't going to be like anyone else.  That is just the way God designed it.  Thank God we aren't normal.  Thank God we are all different!  How boring would this world be otherwise? 

So what is it that you are getting to write some goals out about?  What passions are you pursuing?  I can't wait to hear how things change for you this year.   When you get serious and very intentional, you will arrive at destinations more quickly than you thought.  You will check off goals with shock.  That's the God factor.  Don't let it freak you out - just let it grow your faith in a God who is so super creative he made us all different.

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