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The Story Behind The Encouragement Collection

I had just gotten off of the phone with my sweet cousin who's writing style is quite beautiful. Her devotional journals have read like a personal dialogue between her and the Lord since we were in church camp at 12 years old. 

I don't even pretend to be a writer, so when actual writers are having moments of self doubt, it's time for an encouragement intervention!  I seriously think she could write the next devotional equivalent of Jesus Calling.  (Which we have purchased in every age category offered!) 

I sat down to write her a note.  Then after reading it over, I thought of a bunch of other girlfriends dangling their potential and dipping their talents in the edge of the water that is vulnerable and unknown and EXCITING - hello sisters!

I had a bunch of friends I could send this too. 

Wanting to sit down and write out some note cards of encouragement for a while this card kind of spurred me on.  I knew this was a collection of cards that just needed to be given a pause of time.  I needed a beautiful quiet place to clear my head... and to listen.

Not all of the cards in the Encouragement Collection are original with me. 

There is a couple unknown author quotes  and then a couple of scripture cards, but the rest are from a trip out to the Ranch with my Mr.   He was moving hay from one field to another for the cows, and I had some time in a little trailer out there to just pause, pray and listen.  "Lord who needs to hear what?  You tell me what to say and I will write it down."  I feel like the Lord speaks in very practical ways to me.  He kept bringing to mind different individuals and specific circumstances, so Each card represents a friend to me.  

A business acquaintance of mine said on Thursday, "I could send everyone of those to someone I know, TODAY."   That is precisely why this collection came to be.  You have a heart to encourage others and its our hope that these cards will enable you to be a difference maker in someones day. 

In pursuit of walking out our purpose here is the newest collection.


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