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The Story Behind The Encouragement Planner

It all started out wishing the planner I was using was different. Wishing for smooth white papers (that felt-tips didn't bleed through) instead of cream, wishing for black and grey inks instead of any other color of the rainbow.  (I wanted to washi tape, decorate, my months my own way! Use my own color coding...bla bla bla...) you know, paper nerd girl kind of stuff...

While the daily lay-out of this calendar was pretty great, there were no hours to actually do time tracking.  The Monthly spreads were clear in the front, far away from the daily spreads... this was a major disconnect for me.  My planner the year before was great on many fronts, but again left me wishing it's source of cheering someone on was more like minded...(it was just full of the wrong source if you know what I mean).  I  felt like there needed to be a Jesus loving girls planner emerge and I hadn't found one.  And for sure they are out there - I just hadn't seen it yet. 

This is the way most things are created, people set out to solve problems or create what they wish to see in the world.  In the last three years I have come to realize that if I wish it was out there, and I can't find it, I am probably not the only one wishing for it. 

Another factor in everything we do around here is the God factor.   I know I haven't written to you all too much about this, but I need to... because if you knew the times that things have come together in this business and the only explanation I can give to you is Jesus, it would build your faith in a really good God. 

The Month of March however just didn't go the way I had planned it.  I had all of these goals set out for my month and I was excited to knock them off of the list one swing at a time.  March 5th however, I had a back spasm hit me that after the screaming stopped, sat me right down in a chair for more hours than I liked.  Those hours turned into a month where there were good days of mobility and bad days of mobility.  However, that time that I was forced to sit, was a gift.

As I sat looking at the plans in my planner that couldn't be knocked off the list,  I decided I was going to redeem this time of sitting in the chair, I was going to begin the process of creating the planner I wanted to use.  If for no one else but me and my best friend it would be worth it.  So for this one weekend I sat there, I couldn't believe how quickly the bones came together.  It was like a complete miracle because - Honey, I am a novice in some of the programs I am learning.  I am a beginner, at many things.  So for this process to be rather quick and painless for my brain was nothing short of a miracle.  

After making such headway in such a short amount of time I realized I was not far away from a finished product.  It was time to talk details, with a printer, about dollars and cents and PAPER!!!!  Oh and guess what - I started feeling better - started moving better.  I think the back and neck spasms were just a sneaky little gift packaged in a  way to get me to slow down to create what God had for me to create in the first place. 


I was truly blown away by the response of a personal Facebook post I put out the day I interviewed the printer.  Friends who know my planner obsessions were asking to pre-sale and they hadn't even seen the product that I had in mind. (Those are my kind of clients now - when they trust your design before you ever even put it out there. That is some more kind of compliment!)  :) Seriously - this really shocked me.  

Every pre-sale that comes in, is humbling and brings a smile to my face.  I am completely excited to send y'all these planners. The Encouragement Planner is FULL of God's Word, I couldn't stand up with so much confidence otherwise. But I know that It will encourage you, It will challenge you to live out your purpose, it will push you to pursue your God given gifts, and I am going to be pursuing right along with you.

Thank You for reading, because there is always a Story...

I truly appreciate you shopping with this girl. Love to each of you!




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