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What made you...?

This question has been posed to me so many times.

What made you start a stationery company? 

Tulips in mail box!

Well I will tell you.  I've always been a creative DIY type of girl.  It's in my blood and goes back -- way back.  You might say when an idea hits the mind of my side of my family, there is no rest until we have completely birthed it.  If it means we're up all night well so be it.   Are any of you other creators like that?
rabbit trail.... Grandma told me that one time my Great Grandma Helen took an axe to where she wanted a picture window, when her husband Leroy came home she showed him precisely where she wanted it by the hole she had nicely made for him in the side of the house..... This is her!!!

For me it wasn't quite coming together as I had wished.  I started out trying to create a line of products for the kitchen table (this was about two years ago).   I was in a peer group of business owners at US Leadership where I was trying to grow as a leader and set my Business up on the right foundation.    Coach (Andy White) said to me, Dara it's a lot easier to guide a moving ship than one that is just docked at bay.  (swift kick in seat of pants)   Then he added..."I don't know why you don't do something with your cards.  I know plenty of women who would spend x amount of dollars on a box of your cards." 

Stubborn, I went home and sewed for 2 days straight. I so badly wanted to see some cheerful linens hit the dining room table...


  But I knew Coach was right.  I remember Joyce Meyer speaking at church and giving the illustration of the Prophet asking the widow - "What do you have in your hand?"  She had just a little oil and flour, but as she obeyed and put him first, what she had was blessed and it kept them fed until the famine was over.  

What do you have in your hand? 

 While my fabric supply was dwindling - I had PAPER for days!  I LOVE Paper.  I also had a paper cutting machine.  I decided to give card making a chance and just see if Andy (who has been a Business Coach for over 30 years by the way)  was right! 

Our Essential set of initial cards is what got me started...I just thought - if J.Crew were to make an initial card back when being ran by Mickey Drexler what would it have looked like?  Highly saturated colors that compliment one another and are just Happy. 

I barely put it out there on Facebook and the rest is history.   We had a three - four week waiting list on custom designs for quite a while.  I was in shock.  I couldn't believe it.  I still can't.

Next week I will tell you why I love cards so much.....

there's a powerful reason & it's different than you might think.


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