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The April May Encouragement Box

Hey Y’all!

How about a quick introduction to what you will find in your April-May Boxes! We love how packed this box is with so many useful cards that can be used in multiple ways. Our aim is for this tool to make encouraging your friends super easy for you. After all, there is nothing quite like snail mail!

Hello Sunshine

For anyone who has brightened your day that you would like to return the favor to. I could send this card 12 times over. You can message us for more if you feel the same way. It is perfect for your kids and also for your best friends…maybe even a door greeter at school or church that really sets the tone for your day.


May 5th is Cinco de Mayo! This is perfect to send to your friends who celebrate this day; it could also be given to someone with a gift card to their favorite Mexican restaurant.

…Happily Ever After!

Springtime really amps up the wedding season. I for one always used to find myself running into Walgreens for a gift card and greeting card right before hitting the ceremony. This is to help stop that last minute madness! When a friend is tying the knot you are now prepared!



City Bird

I absolutely love this little guy and he can say whatever you like. You can use this card for any general use – Thank You, Birthday, A quick note of encouragement, and Get Well, the options are pretty endless with this one!




Make a Wish


I was inspired by a YouTube video of a little baby laughing while his daddy was blowing the seedlings off of a dandelion. (look up Buzz & The Dandelion) The child like wonder and pure fun of a simple weed was really just too pure and sweet for me not to put into a card format. Wanting us to remember the beauty of making a wish and laughing at the simple things. Again this card is also ambidextrous and can be used for a plethora of occasions!

I’d go anywhere with you!

Id go anywhere with you!

Undying commitment. Who are you committed to? Who is your traveling partner? Remind them you are with them ‘til the end! Best friend, or spouse, it really doesn’t matter!






Perfect for saying Hi and catching up!



Great for any of these occasions: Graduation, Birthday, Pregnancy Announcement, Job Promotion, Out of the Hospital and feeling well, and on and on the options go!





Happy Birthday


Depending on the color scheme you received we are hoping it is neutral and can be used for any of the Spring Birthdays on your list.

Donut Worry Be Happy

Donut Worry Be Happy


Encouragement in the shape of a donut! Yes Please!






Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day April May Box

You can send this one to your momma, OR to any mother you admire. Maybe your mother has already passed on, but you want to encourage some other young mother you see trying hard to raise those babies right! Think outside the Mother’s day Box.




Eat Cake

Perfect for celebrations such as: Retirement, Birthday, Anniversary of a friend, Teacher appreciation, you could accompany this card with a cupcake for any of these occasions or just to cheer up someone! This is another card that can be used in many ways.


Anyone’s Birthday, Graduation, Retirement, etc., but also something as simple as your friend hit a mile stone in their weight loss, or as major as they are through with the chemotherapy. There are so many reasons to celebrate!


Wow Mom Cards April May Box

Here is one for your Momma! For your note inside you could write: “Thanks Mom, I turned out AWESOME!” 






We hope that you love this box. It is our honor to create for you. It is our hope that the world is a brighter place because of these cards and your efforts to pause and send a note in the mail! Love you all!

Dara Lorraine


If you are one for sharing the value of the subscription box with your friends here is a quick break down for you! For Example – this box contains 14 cards, at a cost of about $2 per handmade card!  Comparable cost of these products at Target would be about 5-7$ per card. We hope you find this a true value to your card sending needs!


Thank you so much for being a part of our encouragement tribe!



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