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If You're Like me...

If you're like me, you are ready for summer to arrive.  Not for the heat, but for the food! 

Lord have mercy.  I love a juicy peach.  We have this orchard here in Texas called Hams Orchard, and let me tell you.  The first time I had one of their peaches a girlfriend had just brought me a big bushel full.  I stood at the sink to eat one, and before I knew it - I had eaten 6 or more, juice running down to my elbows ...I know, Right!?  Seriously still trying to lose the weight I gained that summer.  Anyway... This card brought back that memory for me, and a few more from my Grandmother in Arkansas 'putting up peaches' in the freezer.  She made the best fried pies.  

Our B-Pop in New Mexico puts fresh peaches on Raspberry sherbet and that is a delicious treat! You should try it some time! 

I think it's safe to say, this card made me hungry.

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