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To Valentine, or Not To Valentine, That Is My Question!

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Wanting a better handle on the top card selling Holiday of the Year, I wanted to do a little research about its beginning.  I have friends who are super resistant to the Holiday, feeling as if it is nothing more than commercialization, and some even "boycott" it. I know couples who don't Celebrate it.  So, in an effort to know what I felt about the holiday I had to do a little searching.  Valentines day took on a whole new meaning for me after doing so.

In a nut shell - here is the back story.  It's 269 AD, Roman Emperor Claudius wasn't allowing young couples in the Church to marry.  His theory was he felt they wouldn't fight as well in war if they were on the battlefield thinking of their Wife and family at home. 

Priest Valentine was so for Christian marriage that he secretly married the couples anyway.  He took such a stand for his faith in Marriage that he was sentenced a three part execution.

While in prison he had the opportunity to pray for one of the Judges, Asterius' daughter.  She was healed and the Judge became a Christian as a result.  Before his Execution he wrote a note to this girl who had been healed and he signed it "Your Valentine."

To this day people honor Love and Marriage with Valentines day, and they may not know it is named after a man who was willing to give his life for it. 

I can't relate to Saint Valentine in that I have had to suffer for my belief system, but I can relate to all the weddings, although none of them have been in secret!   My Mr. Does a ton of weddings all year.  In June going to a wedding is our date night, because Generally there aren't any other weekend nights open.  So Here's to Saint Valentine!!!  I will celebrate this holiday without a jaded thought. I will create with a new purpose and understanding of what this holiday really means!

Happy Valentines Day! 

XX Dara Lorraine


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