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Happy New Year

I love a fresh New Year!  Much like a brand new journal, or a new blank document, it is full of possibilities. The 2016 Goals have been set here at our company and we are ready for what this new year brings. 

First up, this past week we made the move to a new website platform in an effort to create a more organized shopping experience with an ever growing inventory.   From our main menu choosing the Catalog page you will be able to see different categories to enable you to find what you are looking for more quickly.    We hope that you enjoy this new shopping experience.

Secondly, we hope this can be a place where you can come for encouragement.  When you need some good news, we hope that you find that here. 

Finally, we wish you all the happiest 2016.  May the goals you set be accomplished, the dreams you see, come to life, the things you want to do, get done, who you want to be, you become!  Here's to a Happy New Year!



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